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September 7, 2009

The Republicans are again realising secret tapes of things said by other Political Leaders. This reeks of BIG BROTHER (1984) and their secret tape recording of CITIZENS. (Wasn’t there an other Republican Regime that did that recently?) It brings up some serious and ethical questions. How are they getting all these tapes? Are we all being taped? Do we know if the Republicans have secret tapes of other Canadians? Maybe all of us who do not support the Republicans who have written out spoke out against them or even voted against them. It’s time for them to come clean. Maybe we should have the RCMP investigate as to how the Republicans are getting these tapes and more important are they taping other Canadians, just who and what are they taping. Are they, really who they, pretend to be? God forbid if they ever get a majority in Parliament of the Senate. Then we might see the real them. I don’t think we would like it. Do we really want a Bush Administration revisited? Or my god even worse! I mean how do we know they are not listening to all of our conversations, monitoring our phone calls, emails, even asking Republican supporting neighbours what we are up to. Who we have in our homes. What clubs or organizations we belong to. This proves that this is a very dangerous government. Republicans you must now tell Canadians how you got these tapes. You must come clean who else do you have on tape. Just what are you up to? I really don’t feel safe & protect under this regime. Do you? DOUG McLELLAN ORILLIA ON CANADA