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November 2, 2009

THE REPUBLICAN CAUCUS MUST RESIGN NOW! We are in the middle of a serious Pandemic. Our Prime Minister rose in the House of Commons and promised Canadians There would be enough vaccine for everyone. The problem is that they (the Republicans) took their own sweet time in ordering the serums. The Swine Flu is running through the country and now because of a shortage clinics in some Provinces are forced to close due a shortage .This is after hundreds stood in line for hours. What the Hell happen to “enough”, for everybody? Well, how many of the Government have had the shot? Canadian want to know. I see another Republican failure program. This fiscal is causing Canadians lives. This is totally unacceptable! You are saying that children, people over 65 and with low immune systems first. Well, you vaccinate the kids and not the parents. Prime Minister that is not the way it is going. Parents and caregivers are, getting the vaccine. Why, what good are well kids and parents down with the flu. You are just spinning the message to cover-up that the Government SCREWED UP, AGAIN! Prime Minister because, YOU, are the PRIME MINITER, who broke his promise you and your caucus, must resign, today. Every Canadian who gets sick, every Canadian who dies from this illness is on your head. This mess has happen on your watch. Stevie you must resign forthwith. Show the Country and the World that you have at least a fingernail worth of class. Resign! This Prime Minister, is even worse, than your sitting with your head up your ass for four years and letting one Canadian die every three days while waiting for an organ transplant There you did nothing to change the laws that would put more organs in circulation. At the rate of one every three days what do you think your body count is on this problem? I will not even get in to the Canadian soldiers killed in that Damn PIPELINE WAR. Show some class Prime Minister Resign. That includes the rest of your caucus also. That comes, with out question.