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January 31, 2011


Ministers, of Health ,Finance,

Prime Minister,

Opposition Parties.

I am again writing you for a different matter. Not that any of you had given a damn about my other concerns especially saving Canadian Lives, and saving money.

With a budget coming up I would like to suggest, I mean demand (considering I was not asked for my opinion).

My suggestion/demand, is that you put a large tax on fattening & unhealthy, foods.

This tax would then be used to lower the price of low fat & healthier foods.

This would go for grocery store foods and for restaurant foods such as the ones that are known as artery busters.

We just got back from the grocery store. It is disgusting how much cheaper fattening & unhealthy foods are over healthy food.

I know none of you will not give damn about this, as it does nothing to make your rich friends richer.

It can only save lives.

But it will be posted in the usual places.

 Yours in no trust,




January 28, 2011


We know that the Harperites are not above bullying attack adds, but we also know that the Opposition Parties have far more class and will not stoop that low.

Well, if it was up to me I would open my add with the Prime Minister of Canada sitting on CNN saying that we can not will in Afghanistan.

I would then show his interview were he said that he did, not, watch Canadian News shows, he only watch American News.

I would end the add with the PM with Bush and Bush calling him Steve.

To end the add I would show Harper joining other protesters at Toronto City Hall singing the American National Anthem to protest then Prime Minister Chretien’s decision not to send troupes into the Iraq War.

So I guess that means I do not have any class either.

Oh, well.



What Harper did not say on CBC.

January 19, 2011

During h he, wil not introduce new abortion or capital punsihment laws. No, he, wont! That’s not the way “IT” works. He will make sure a backbencher will rise in the House and move a private members bill. That bill will fly through the House “WAM-BAMis interview on CBC last night Harper quoted that even if he gets a majority-THANK-YOU-MAM! They will go so fast we won’t even know the laws have been changed untill it has passed in the House, the Senate, received Royal Assent and is Implemented. All that will happen in a matter of hours. That is also how fast we could lose many more rights and privledges in Canada.




January 13, 2011


The Harperites are going to cut taxes to their rich corperate friends by another 6%.

Mr. Ignatieff says that is crazy. I don’t think it’s crazy.

It is absolute insanity. Ontarians still suffer from the huge tax cuts given by many of the same Cabinet Ministers who were members of the last NEO-RIGHT-WING-REPUBLICAN-REGIME here in Ontario. We will be suffering from that for at least an other 35 years.

The Harperites have to go, and go now.


January 10, 2011

Enemies of the State: Synopsis
It seems hard to imagine today that a Canadian government would approve a plan to round up thousands of law-abiding Canadians and lock them away simply because they were perceived to be a threat to Canadian democracy.

Conceived in the early days of the Cold War, the top-secret plan called “Profunc” was to be enacted if Canadian national security was threatened. The fear was stoked by the outbreak of the Korean War, which looked as if it might become the precursor to WW3.

In Canada, the head of the RCMP drew up a plan to lock up “Prominent Functionaries,” including known communists and other people deemed to be subversives. The plan is breathtaking in its scale and detail. It listed those who were to be arrested, where they would be interned and how they were to be treated. Families of targeted people were not spared: many wives and children were to be locked away as well.

Incredibly, The Profunc blueprint remained in place until the 1980s. Only today are some people learning for the first time that they and their families were deemed Enemies of the State. The names of those people will astonish most Canadians.

“Enemies of the State’ also explores the targeting of possible ‘subversives’ today and asks what kinds of lists might exist that the Canadian public doesn’t know about.

We recently saw this episode on the CBC FIFTH ESTATE.

It talked about the Government watching and prepaired to lock up thousands of Canadian Citizens on a moments notice.

Now our NEO-RIGHT-WING-PARINOID-GOVERNMENT is building new prisons adding bunks to existing prisons at a time when our crime rates are dropping.

What is their secret agenda?

Have they retarted the plan of watching Canadians?

Are we in danger of suddenly being picked-up and locked-up?

It is obvious the Government has the Media in their back pocket. After the G20 they may have the pollice consdering the number of former police including the former Commissioner of the OPP sitting in Cabinet.

So who can we trust? Noooobody!