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March 30, 2011

To the Editor
For years we hear almost daily tax cuts for corporations.We give them big tax cuts, then the either lay off employees to increase profits.In some cases, they close up and head south or some other off shore location because that location gave them huge cash incentives to move their. The bottom line is that, Canadian Employees are out of work and on EI.The law should be that any business that lays employee’s off to increase profits, or to leave the country ,”THAT BUSINESS MUST PAY EMPLOYEES FULL SALARY AND BENEFITS, INCLUDING RETRAINING WHERE NEEDED FOR FIVE (5) YEARS, OR UNTIL THEY GET NEW JOBS.”



March 30, 2011

Question of the day.



Should the Green Party be allowed a place at the debates?

Yes, she has been at other debates. You can’t change the system half way through.

If the media gave the Green party more coverage more Canadians would know what they stand for.

It is the media that does not want them around.

Big business does not want the environment discussed in Canada ever.

It is their advertising that keeps the stations going.



Doug McLellan



What about the INTEGRITY?

March 29, 2011



What about the integrity?


Did ever body forget about it?


When you look at this pole we have to shake our heads and say, what the hell is the media doing?

The Harper Republicans were convicted of “CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT” by the highest court in the land.

Then what happens it gets shoved under a rug like it never, ever, happen.

Why aren’t the media asking Stevie about that every day?

In person on line, by email, dropping letters from planes over his head.

No it’s up to the Canadian people to keep it alive and do their own vote on the subject.

Doug McLellan




March 28, 2011

I hate to say I told you so to the Leaders of the opposition, but, I told you so.

If the Leader of the NDP the Leader of the Bloc and the succession of Liberal Leaders had you taken my DEMAND FOR A ROYAL COMMISION into the Operation of the PMO, 5 some years ago, you may not be in this election at this time. At least it would not be a one issue election they are in now. Stevie’s rating about Coalitions even though either he does not understand the operations of the parliamentary or he is preying on the fact that the average voter does not really understand the system and its operation.

You would not be fighting Stevie’s one issue election; Stevie may have even been gone.

So to all politicians I suggest that you always look at suggestions by votes even if they do not belong to your party, or their suggestions and ideas do not follow your own agenda.



March 27, 2011



Friday March 25th, 2011 was the saddest day in Canadian history.

The Conservative, Government of Stephan Harper was found to be in CONTEMP OF PARIAMENT, not once but, twice.  How shameful can this be for all Canadians?

This will be studied, by student through-out the British Common Wealth for years to come. Imagine the children and grandchildren sitting in a class at school, how shameful can that be for them? That could last for a couple of generations.

Anything, this Party does in the future will ever receive the place in history that being convicted in Parliament the highest court in the land of contempt.

I don’t understand how the Prime Minister and the convicted minister should even be allowed to run. Now not convicted felon can run for office.  I am even more amazed, nobody in the HARPER-ITE caucus went to jail. Go to any court room in Canada and someone found to be in contempt of court, go to jail.

Is this the only problem facing the HARPER-ITES? No! I have lost count of how many staff and former staffs of the PMO are under RCMP investigation. Mr. Harper I thought you promised a government, that was open, honest and transparent? I am sure there a lot of tapes and literature with these statements to prove you did not keep your promise. Well, so, much for truth in advertising.

Then the HARPER-ITES wonder how they did not get a seat on the UN Security Council. Stevie, look in the mirror!

Now, back to the “CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT CHARGES”.  As a voting, taxpaying, Canadian, I do not know if the UMILIATION, EMBARASSMENT, OR JUST BEING TOTALLY PISSED OFF is what is getting the best of my emotions.

Yes, the Ethics, I personally do not think this party would know truth and honesty, if it came up and bit, them in the nuts!

When you hear Harper running down the other parties, I am surprised his nose is not growing.


The ethics and Contempt of Parliament are the, main issues of this election. They sat for months and refused to turn over documents that said how much their, super jets, the cost of their, prisons, and god know what else they had sitting in the wings that, we were not told about.

How can Canadians even consider a budget, from these guys’? Considering we can’t believe, there figures as read, in what they called a budget. That document was written and read for one reason and one reason only. It was to trigger an election.

The problem is this plan backfired, on them.  They were convicted of contempt twice.

Now when you listen to these yahoo’s they sound like spoiled children. The Opposition won’t let us do what we want.

They are totally undermining the seriousness of these serious, serious charges.

It is up to all loyal Canadians not, to let them away with the truth, the real, truth not the truth as written by the NEO-RIGHT-WING-REPUBLICANS.

Members of the National Media it is up to you to keep this out in front of Republicans, please DO NOT let them away with burying this as if it were a minor traffic ticket.

It is up to you to keep asking them to comment on this issue. Don’t let it die.












March 25, 2011

Does anybody get the Harp rites?

They were defeated today in the House, on two Contempt of Parliament charges. No Government in Canadian History of not only Canada but, in the history of Parliamentary Government.

On top of these two unheard of Charges the Harper-ites are facing charges of called in and out.

This is to do with not the last election but the election before.  Pacing money back and forth from head office to, the ridings and, back again.

Now the Harper-ites also are facing a number of RCMP investigations.

So when they get defeated what do they do, they blame everybody else instead of manning up and saying we screwed up we won’t do that again. They wine and cry that the opposition is picking on us. The word we keep hearing is “THE COALITION, THE COALITION”, what the Hell is a minority government, a group of parties who all vote for what they think is the best for the country. Just like Mr. Harper did when he signed a Coalition deal with the Bloc and the NDP.

They signed an agreement to defeat the Paul Martin Government. So, my question is what’s the difference between the Harp-rtes forming a coalition and the other parties doing it? Oh, yes it’s the Harper-ite philosophy of do what we say, not, what we do.

They are totally oblivious to the charges they face.

The history of this regime is to blame anybody and everybody. Even dead Prime Ministers.

The recent budget was a joke. The only reason that budget was written was to cause an election. But, it back-fired on them. Instead of fighting an election on the so called budget the debate will be on their ethics or lack of ethics.

The one thing that is definite is that the Harper-ites must, go. They are an insult to Canadians. They showed that they are more concerned with spending more on prisons and jets than taking seniors and low income families out of poverty.

They do not even give a damn about one Canadian dying every three days while waiting for an organ transplant.







March 25, 2011

Canadians are likely in few hours heading for the polls. That’s right an election.

I pray and pray we DO NOT get a Harper majority. The actions and statements by members of this regime are scary.

One former cop in his caucus even said that the CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS gets in the way of putting criminals in jail.

I my belief, is, if these yahoos get a majority Canadians will lose our Charter.

They want to build for profit prisons when crime rates are falling. So, who are they going to put in these jails? One Cabinet Minister said something like “WE NEED THESE JAILS TO PUT CRIMINALS WHO COMMTT UNREPORTED CRIMES.” Now if the crimes are unreported how will they now? Cameras, on every corner, and in every home, and business?

My biggest fear is that we will end up in a police state, just like Toronto did during the G20.

We know for sure that there will be no environment rules. Big business will get away with everything and face little penalties for it.

The poor and seniors will fall farther and farther behind. More and more Canadians will end up in food banks and living on the street.

We just had to look at the joke of a budget that the Prime Minister gave to the Finance Minister to read on Parliament.

I do not trust this Government in the coming election, they have the media in their hip pocket, the police in their vest pocket, (look at how many cops sit in the Harper caucus).

I would really feel much better if the United Nations was supervising this election.

If the HARPERTIES get a majority ”CANADA  IS SCREWED”!










March 24, 2011

Is the world going to go into a new recession? Japan is going through hell right now. Canadian car plants are shutting down because they cannot get parts. Soon cars & parts from Japan will not be there. Doesn’t this mean unemployment? Computer parts are becoming hard to get, if not imposable. Again does this mean more unemployment?

So with so many unemployed and many unable say get their cars fixed to go to work. Again this should affect the economy. Many unemployed on EI, (or unemployment insurance whatever they call it this week);

Did anybody see anything in Stevie’s’ crap budget this week?

On top of all this the Harp rites are under so many investigations. Do we really want 2, 4, years of this type of crap going on?

We want a Prime Minister who is not under investigation and keeps his or her promises.

Just look at how many promises Stevie broke. He called an illegal election. He prorogued Parliament twice when he was in trouble and going to lose a vote.

The Harp rites are always crying about coalition, picking on them. Ask Stevie about the coalition papers he signed with the NDP and the Bloc to over thorough the Paul Martian Government.

Can Canada afford another Harper government?




March 20, 2011

It’s time again for the question of the week.

Considering Canada is on the brink of an election, which one of you is going to step up to the plate and move to save lives?

So, guys, after 6 years of COVER-UPS and keeping your heads up your asses,

What is the body count this week?

With this letter it is hoped that your pals in the media may break and tell Canadians about this and the other COVER-UPS .

You all know what I am talking about is changing the ORGAN DONATION LAWS in Canada.

I am fighting for “PRESUMED DONOR”, like used in 10-15 other countries around the world.

I know, I know you all only care about making your rich friends richer, especially the Republicans with their bosses in big oil. These guys will go into any war to get at that countries oil for their oil company masters.

Gentlemen, and I use the term very, very, loosely. The blood is continuing to gather on your hands.

What are you all  or one of you going to do about it?

The National Media shares your blood on their hands.

Still totally pissed off,




March 18, 2011

I still don’t unerstand why any of the other parties are not playing on Haper giving interviews on American TV before he would Canada. Harper saying he only watches American News shows NOT CANADAIN! I would also be showing pictures of Harper and other NEO-RIGHT-WING-REPUBLICAN-WAR-MONGERS, standing in Nathin Philips Square at the Toronto, ON City Hall signing the AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEMN when the Liberal Government announced Canadian Soldier would not go to Iraq and fight in GEORGE BUSHES ILLEGL WAR!