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November 30, 2011

Our son & daughter-in-law were looking of a house or apartment/house to rent. Somehow my daughter-in-law got hooked up with a women, who said she was working with a large National Real estate Co. and was going to help her find a place. They looked at one Condo in the building that we rent in. They liked the apt.  The next day she was told by this woman that the owners would not rent to them because they have a dog. When my wife and I finally tracked down this owner she told us she did not know anything about it. She had never heard this woman’s name, or our son & daughter-in-law.

She then looked at house in Barrie and liked it. This so-called- agent said give me a money order for a deposit.  They signed a lease and gave her the money order for $1300. Again this deal fell through. Did they get their money back?  No!

We phoned this woman many times asking for the money, each time she had some excuse why she could not get a cheque cut by her boss.  So one day we decided to just go to the company’s office and wait for the cheque. To our big surprise the office was a Shoppers’ Drug Mart on Bayfield Street in Barrie.  The company was just a post office box.

Our next stop was the Barrie Police Department, sorry I mean Police services. They would not do anything.

My daughter-in-law then phoned the OPP, they also would not do anything either.

My daughter-in-law did finally find a house in Orillia, with a real Real Estate. The same company this woman claimed to work for.

After much fighting we did get a cheque from this woman via this National Real Estate, less a $750+ finder’s fee. Everyone we talk to say this is illegal, yet both police services say they can do nothing. We cannot sue this woman because we cannot find her. She operates only with a blackberry and no office.

Since when do these people charge a finder’s fee to the people leasing the unit/house? As they say something’s rotten in Canada.

This must be the unreported crimes we hear about from the HARPER-ITES.

“Crimes you can’t report”!



November 21, 2011

Stevie, (HARPER) must be running FACEBOOK. Again I am being given a hard time loging in. I had to change my password yet again. Now I can not contact anybody for another 4 days. This is crap.


November 9, 2011

Has anyone else noticed how our Canadian Media is changing history. One particular station I have heard them change history twice now. Maybe it’s just because they are all just young kids who believe what they are told by their higher ups.
Two times it has happen, that I have heard,
The latest one was the death of Joe Frasier. They said that in the first fight they said that Frasier knocked out Ali. 
He did not! Ali went down, but later photos, ( there was no instant reply then) that Joes foot was on Ali’s. Ali was up immediately and WAS NOT KNOCKED OUT!
As a matter of fact the pictures that should that were taken by Frank Sinatra, who was taking pictures for Life Magazine.
They fought two more times. In the last fight Ali won when Frasier did not come out for the last round.
In 1963 (about) Ali (called Casius Clay at the time) fought Toronto’s George Chavelo Ali won, he went to St. Mikes hosp., Chavelo went dancing. OH, yea, I was there.
The second time history was changed was during and after the last election. 
The Government fell due to being convicted of “CONTEMPT OF PARIAMENT” an embarrassment to the country.
What did our media due during the election, they believed Stevie when he said it did not matter! “ BULLSHIT!”
After the election to protect Stevie’s new dictatorship, they said that the Government fell because opposition Voted down the Budget. The Budget was never voted on.
These are just a couple of reason I never believe  a word Politicians or our National Media tells us.