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April 26, 2012

Republican Finance Minster

SUBJECT: Your destructive budget.


Minster every time you write a budget low income and seniors get screwed, It really hurts!

Now Jimmy, now you are going to eliminate the penny.

That is going to give your palls in the oil business the write to steal.

I know you do not have to pump your own gas and I doubt you have ever pumped gas. Your limo drivers do all that for you.

Jimmy, when you pull up to the pump and say you want $30.00 worth of gas. It is almost impassable to stop at .00. It is always 30.01,.02,03 etc.

Now when we pull up to the pump it is going to be, 30.05,.10, ,15 etc. Jimmy what a bonanza for your big palls in Alberta.

Thank you so much.

This government reminds me every day of when I worked in jail. You were always seeing someone getting screwed even when they did not want to.

Entirely Pissed off with this













April 1, 2012

The Harper-ite budget said it is eliminating the penny. Well if that is the case will they make all gas stations put in pumps that you can punch in the amount you want. Does anyone else have the problem I have. Say you want $ 40.00 of gas. The next thing you know before you can let go of the pump you suddenly have 40.01,40.02 or even 40.03. So does this new law mean we will get 40.05,40.15 or even 40.20. This is just a plan to help his beloved oil companies steel more money from us. Maybe it’s time for the gas companies to go back to pumping gas for customers. What we are paying for gas why should we have to get out of our car, pump the gas, and walk across the lot and pay for gas. 
Talk about cuts from the Federal Civil Service, you mean to tell me it’s going to get worse. I applies for the OLD AGE SUPPLEMENT in November last year. We keep getting form to fill out. Here it is April 2012 and I still do not have an answer. Imaging worse service from our government. “WE ARE SCREWED”!