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November 29, 2012

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November 16, 2012

November 15, 2012

Mr. Jeffery Simpson

Globe & Mail

Toronto, ON

Dear Mr. Simposn

I watched you and the panel last night on Agenda on TVO. Some of the things you said I totally agree with.

However, I totally disagree with any kind of privatization. As you remember the last Ontario Republican Government of Ernie Harris & Mike Eves privatized two jails. They were total failures.

I was a Provincial Employee for 30 years. During that time I saw that Government can not run business and business can not run government.

I remember seeing hot-shot-managers come in from the private sector and they were going to change government. The were gone in less than 6 months.

Instead of Privatization we should be NATIONALIZING HEALTH CARE into on system not the 14+ systems we have in Canada today.

That is one for each of 10 provinces and one for each of the 3 territories. Plus another one for the military and I think an other one for their families. I have no idea were our First Nations fit in.

By Nationalizing health care we would save money and all, Canadians would be treated the same. As you know service that is provided in one province is not, provided in another.

For an example, how about former Premier of NFL Danny Williams, He needed emergency heart surgery that, could not, be done in his home province. Therefore he had to fly to the USA and pay for that surgery out of his own pocket. That surgery may have been able to be done in places like Toronto, but, what if that was an employed MC, WAL employee? That person could not pay for that.

I understand that Mr Williams is wealth man and can pay for any out of country medical service he wants, he is an exemption. Yes Canadians can be sent to the USA for treatment, but would you want to be sent to say Boston and your family could not afford to go with?

I know after may transplant I would not have recovered as quickly if my wife and not bee able to visit me every day. Even though she had to drive from our farm outside of Orillia to Toronto each and every day.

We all know we have a doctor shortage. However, if we were to allow Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners that could relieve some of the load on doctors. The could see the colds, ear aches etc. The should also be allowed to write prescriptions for things like anti bioethics etc. They could also man/woman walk-in clinics much later and all day on weekends so patients would not clog up hospital ER’s. Although clinics open late at night would require much more security.

We need to hire many more Registered Nurses. Anyone who as spent anytime in the hospital sees that they are the backbone to the health care system. When I was actually in the hospital and years on dialysis I received much more info from nurse than I ever have a doctor.

I did agree when you said about hospital beds being taken by people who could be in better place old age home etc. That would free beds for people who need them.

This our governments are missing the boat on.( They miss a lot of boats)!

I have been fight for the Nationalization of Health Care for over 20 years. Not once has any politician or member of the media ever written , called me or put a letter in the paper.

As I have posted on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE AND WORDPRESS, about my fights. I estimate I am owed over 10,000 replies just from the House of Commons and National Media. I am actually blocked and ban from many politicians, and national media’s email addresses. Including the globe.

My other big fight is to change the Organ Donation Laws from the system we have to that of “PRSESUMD DONOR” .This system is used in many different countries so why not Canada.

With the system we have now you sign your donor card or go on line to say what you will donate, organs, tissue, body etc. But, what happens many times when the person is near death or passed family will suddenly say no. They don’t what their loved ones organs harvested. Those organs are burnt of buried. We lose far too many good organs this way! What is happening right know is many desperate people have transplant patients have surgery out of country. The rich can go to the USA and pay up to $200,000 or more for a transplant (kidney). Many who are not as wealth go to India and China from what I understand those who go to India return to Canada and need many days I the hospital to help with infections etc. Many times there is no paper work saying the blood type &health of the donor, $35,000 is much cheaper that $200,000. My questions has always been how much are these out of country surgeries costing our heath care systems?

The way I see it there are three groups who would sign their cards no, are, people with religious beliefs against it, those who know medially they can’t donate, and those who are just too selfish.

I can only assume that politicians not interested in changing this law as it does not do anything to make their rich friends richer.

At this time one Canadian dies every three days. I by making it that one Canadian dies every week “PRESUME DONOE” would be a big success.

Transplants at this time are the only treatment we have for those who have organ failure.

That gives us a better quality and a longer life. However one always lives with is when is my body going to reject these strange organs in my body.


Hopefully the $ 4,000 a month of drugs will prevent that for sometime.

Yours sincerely





I forgot to enter the subject of taxing fat food.
When you are poor it is cheeper to buy fattening food than healthy food.
For exmple I my wife and I go out on our senior pensions and buy a couple of 2 beff burgers,special sauce and chees. Ad a large fries. and drink it would cost about $14-$18 . It is not hearlth. Lots and lots of fat.
Now if you taxed that meal at say 30% and then took that 30% and used it to reduce a meal say a quarter chicken white meat and baked potato that would bring the cost of the health meal to about the same as the burger and fries
just had to add that.
As my senior grey matter moves on I may remember something else I wanted to say.


November 7, 2012

Is this an act of TREASON?

Our dictatorship government has signed a 15 year secret deal with China in Russia. This deal will not be released to the Canadian people. It will not be discussed and voted on in the House of Commons.

I ask the RCMP to investigate this deal as to is this an act of treason?

Are there any bribes of payoffs?

Canadians need to know.

To me this proves that the government does not give a damn about us it only cares about Alberta and steivie’s TAR SANDS.

I ask His Honour the Governor General to look at dissolving parliament and calling an election so Canadians can voice their opinion of any secret deal with a communist state.

What are the party leaders doing about this?

They should refuse to enter the House until this deal is revelled to Canadians or the government resigns.

Will Canadians have to ask the President of the USA to protect us from our government and their Chinese masters?



c.c. Governor General

Party Leaders