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January 16, 2013

For some perverted reason republicans in Canada & the USA want lower taxes, lower wages, busting unions and putting people out of work!
So, assholes if you are so smart who is going to be buying houses, cars etc in the future if people can’t afford to even feed themselves and families. Many people of the younger generation are still living with mom & dad or coming back when they lose their jobs.
I see a future of many many homeless walking the streets 24/7.
Nothing will be built because nothing is going to sell! 
You idiot are screwing your countries and the world’s economy for generations to come. You rich yahoo’s won’t even have people with enough knowledge to sweep streets because growing up living in paper houses on your streets will not educate them enough to do that.
I guess your answer is just lock them up in jails. Again you won’t have anybody to run the jails. That’s if you even have the money to build them with all your stupid tax cuts.
What a bunch of goof balls, you all are!



January 7, 2013

Primerica Life Insurance Company
200 Argentina Road
Plaza V. Suite 300
Mississauga ON.

SUBJECT: Policy 130151113

ATTENTION: Mr. John A Adams
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr. Adams

I have been a policy owner for many years with this company.
When I took my wife off of our long term policy, you punished me by raising my premium! Why?
I tried find out but did not get a satisfactory reply. This has been going on since last June.
On top of this I find that my policy only lasts another 3 years. Where the hell are the agents who are suppose to be looking after me?
I guess because we are not investors you don’t’ give a damn!
After speaking with our financial advisor Mr. Glendon Robinson, and trying to get this situation rectified, we have come to the conclusion that your company has wrongfully taken money from us with this policy.
What can be done to rectify this problem? What are you, going to do?
I have been advised to contact the Ontario Financial Services Commission and lodge a complaint.
Since being a pensioner I can not afford such high premiums, and may be forced to cancel my policy.
This will be an burden for my family because I will not, be able to afford other insurance at my age ( If I can in fact get insurance)!
I am looking forward to a prompt reply from YOU, on this matter.
Yours sincerely,

c. c. Ontario Financial Services Commission.