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March 7, 2013

March 7, 2013

Kathleen Wynne, Premier 
Legislative Building 
Queen’s Park 
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

SUBJECT: Health & Safety

Dear Premier;

I am writing you on a matter of the health and safety of people of Orillia and other communities in Ontario.
Premier I have written the former Premier different times but, like most politicians he never ever answered my letters.
Premier what I am talking about is mixing snowmobiles and the public. In Orillia the city allows these cowboys to run their machines with in one boot print away from sidewalks were seniors and children walk.
First the so called speed limit on the trail is 20 kmp, the speed on Atherley Road is 50 kmp. I have seen these idiot passing cars on the road.
Premiers this is an accident waiting to happen. Not only are they speeding inches from pedestrians but he odour of the exhaust is chocking.
Many times I have also seen them ignore the stop sign where the trail crosses the drive way into our condo building.
As I have said I have written the former premier, the mayor & council of Orillia, & the commissioner of a the OPP. They seem to feel this risk is worth the money Orillia makes from this.
What I am asking Premier is to ban snowmobiles from running say, 1000 feet from residences & pedestrians in all cities, towns and villages in the province.
Air quality in Canada is threatened enough under our so-called Republican Federal Government. We don’t need to add to it in communities.
Premier another air quality I must ask about is, when is the province going to modernize our out of date “ANTI SMOKING LAWSD”?

In Orillia you can’t walk down a street, to into a store etc with out being forced to breath in the smoke from smokers on the street or standing at the door of all buildings.
One pawn store in Orillia the owners are all sitting at the door smoking. As someone who is allergic to this crap in the air I have to limit my outing in Orillia. We almost never talk our grandchildren to down town Orillia.
I hope I do get an answer from you but, I am not holding my breath.

Yours sincerely


Mayor Orillia & Council.
Commissioner OPP