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May 24, 2013


Can harper actually continue to continue as PM.
Scandal is erupting all around him and what does he do. He runs away to South America.
He sends out low level parliamentary assistants out to face the press.
Now Really stevie?
Wouldn’t any leader who had class and cared about the country cancel his trip stay home and face the music.
Fire who need to fired, demand resignations from those who can’t actually be fired.
I remember learning about a political leader who said the “ BUCK STOPS AT THE TOP”, and the harper is at the top. Well, we believe he is anyway.
So it’s up to stevie. He must either get his ass home look after business or just stay where ever he is and email his resignation to the Governor General.
Canada needs a Prime Minister who won’t run every time there is trouble.
Our PM has a history of running. Twice he prorogued parliament when his minority was in trouble. Then he called a snap election after he again was in political trouble.
He seems to have been brush off all the shit that has been thrown at him and his government.
It is time for the TEFLON PRME MINSTER to get his ass in gear and run the country and top humiliating us in front of the world.
He campaigned for years for an elected Senate. Now suddenly he has a crises in the Senate. Makes one wonder doesn’t it.
So stevie what are you, going to do about it?




May 16, 2013

For years stevie has wanted an elected Senate.
Now, suddenly we are seeing scandal, after scandal in the Senante. One republican even lost a boxing match to a future Liberal Leader.
People are up in arms about Duffy and others.
Just wait for some republican or Right Wing reporter to saw,”If we had an elected Senate they would be accountable, let’s vote it in. Presto stevie has it’s elected senate,and it was not,(?) his idea.


May 7, 2013


What I would call this crap, is “WORKERS-GATE!”
Our dictatorship has been attacking the EI system, cutting people off for no reason.
Shortening payment times. Stopping seasonal workers from qualifying for EI.
Then today we find that they have been allowing “TEMPOARY FOREIGN WORKERS” to work in jobs while all the time Canadians were on EI applying for these jobs.
Is there some underlying bring down wages and attack unions in Canada?
Maybe they actually that incompetent!
This crap to me is the last straw.
I demand that the total republican (conservative) caucus & their senators. resign today.
Not only that I think they should do Canada a huge, huge favour and go into exile.
We don’t need this kind of politicians in Canada.
Everyone in Canada should also write their MP (republican) and demand they resign today.
This government is disgusting!!!!