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This is a form of execution that was used by the Nazis. So, why would any civilized country want to copy them?

April 30, 2014


April 30, 2014


April 25, 2014


Gee, this is what I have been fighting for for over 10 years. However the media & politicians have keep it COVERED-UP. It is nice to think someone else thinks the same.
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April 24, 2014

Thank god we have a law & order PM. Can U imagine how out of hand that party at his home would gotten. However I demand the RCMP on duty at his residence be fired residence be fired for dereliction of duty. How did a drunk get into the house, or if drinking was going on in the house who supplied it to under age teens? Why were no arrests made?We need a full investigation into this happening.

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April 6, 2014


Dear DOUG,

As you know, the vast majority of Canadians value the CBC. Of course, Prime Minister Harper knows this and – with a general election on the horizon – is trying to find ways to attack and undermine public broadcasting without leaving fingerprints.

Well, FRIENDS has found his fingerprints – in the Canadian Senate!

A Senate Committee study of “challenges facing the CBC” has turned into a campaign to strip all public funding from the CBC and give that money to the private broadcasters.

This is nothing less than a trial balloon straight from Harper that needs to be shot down immediately. We need your help now to expose this chicanery to public scrutiny.

Please join me in making a generous gift so FRIENDS can make this happen.

Senator HousakosEarlier this week, Senator Leo Housakos, the Conservative Vice-Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications – a man with close ties to Prime Minister Harper – placed this agenda firmly on the Committee’s plate.

Here is the question Housakos asked at the Committee’s hearing on Tuesday:

Is there a way to take the money we spend right now on a broadcaster (the CBC) and re-route that money to give that $1 billion-plus dollars to filmmakers and producers of Canadian content so they can make quality content and films? Once they make that quality Canadian content, wouldn’t there be an easier appeal made to the private broadcasters to start running it more.”

Click here to read the full preamble to the above question.

Although the Senator posed this question on the morning of April 1st, this was clearly no April Fool.

So here, in a nutshell, are the ideas of a close confidant of the Prime Minister:

  • Kill CBC Radio and Television

  • Give the money to private producers

  • Hand over the programs to private broadcasters

Two months ago I appeared before the Committee on your behalf. I was invited as a witness on February 4th at the outset of the Committee’s study.

Thinking back to my own encounter with the Conservative Senators that day, I can now see where they are going.

Senator PlettAfter my presentation on your behalf, Conservative Senator Don Plett asked me “I believe you have posted a petition asking the government to increase funding” for the CBC. “How much funding should the government give the CBC?”  Then, leaning forward in his chair, Plett added, “I am not sure that I support giving them funding”.

So, at the very beginning of an eighteen month study, Senator Plett – a former President of the Canadian Alliance Party and the founding President of the Conservative Party of Canada, rewarded in 2009 by Stephen Harper with a Senate appointment – had apparently already made up his mind that CBC should get no funds!

I left that meeting wondering if the dice were not loaded against public broadcasting on a Committee made up of eight Conservative and three Liberal senators.

We need your help to keep a very close eye on these folks, to expose their hostility to public broadcasting, and to connect the dots to Stephen Harper.

Make no mistake: this is Harper’s latest attack on our national public broadcasting. Please help us fund this campaign today.

This is the strongest attack on public broadcasting in Parliament since its creation under Prime Minister R. B. Bennett in the depths of the Great Depression!

Please donate

Best regards!

Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting